Community created story one sentence at a time


Type-o was started after the Web Art Jam of 2021. The purpose of this website is to collectively create a story one sentence at a time. There is no plan for an ending as of now. If this project works other stories may be created in the future.


Go to Story. You will see a random picked image just for you. This serves as inspiration, for example a character or object. Read what has been previously written. Continue the story by typing your sentence on the text box and click print when you are done. After it has been submitted there is no way to edit so please think carefully.


1. Be respectful this is a public space.

2. Try to limit your sentence to 100 characters.

3. Do not post links to the story.

4. Do not take credit. Even if there is no copyright you should not steal what was created by others.

5. Be creative. It doesn't matter if it’s stupid or ridiculous, let your imagination flow.


The fonts used in this website (VG5000 and Karrik) belong to Velvetyne Foundry and their respective designers (Justin Bihan, Jean-Baptiste Morizot and Lucas Le Bihan).

All content written on the Story section of this website has been submitted anonymously, by many, without my interference or approval, therefore I do not take credit for them.

Any similarities to reality must be cosmic interference.